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Marketing Opportunities

Marketing is an important part of all business. How else will customers know how to find you? Member contractors and Manufactures or Supply houses have opportunities through TDCOA to market directly with their customers.


As a member of Trench Drain Contractors of America ( TDCOA) you will get a listing on our website so customers looking for a Certified Trench Installer (CTI) can find someone close to them who can do the work and supply the products. Other marketing opportunities exist for our members at events, email blasts, and trade shows.

Since our goal here at TDCOA is to promote and expand the trench drain industry, we advertise extensively. Using internet advertisements, trade magazines, trade shows, and other forms of media we will help our members be seen by more quality individuals instead of the random 'clicks' you get on internet advertisements alone.

Manufacturers / Suppliers

We have special opportunities for Manufacturers and Suppliers who wish to advertise with TDCOA. First, we only advertise companies who support our community by becoming a Gold, Silver, or Platinum Sponsor. These sponsors can advertise in multiple locations on our website which is an excellent place to your target audience, the contractor. If you have specific needs or requests, please speak with one of our staff members for additional information.